Vanderbilt University, Engineering Science & Human and Organizational Development, 2023, CST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 



Core Skills

Social Media Management, Organization, Sales, Data Visualization

Sophia is pursuing a B.S. in Engineering Science and Human & Organizational Development, on the Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Track. Outside of the classroom, Sophia is actively involved in a plethora of on-campus organizations. She is the Programming Coordinator for Vanderbilt Student Government, a Vanderbilt Tour Guide, a First-Year Mentor for the School of Engineering, as well as an active member of the National Society of Black Engineers. Sophia has also developed her skills and passions through engaging in several engineering projects, where she designed a wearable patch that monitors hydration levels based on sweat production, as well as a miniature wind turbine. In addition to her involvement on-campus, Sophia is a Strategist for MoneyGirls, a non-profit organization focusing on female financial empowerment, a Career Preparation Fellow with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), and a previous owner of Clark Cakes, a custom cake company. Additionally, she is also in the process of starting her own non-profit organization which will be aimed to provide mentorship and after-school resources to middle-school and high-school aged students of color. She is exuberant to further develop her leadership and entrepreneurial skills with an employer who will support her and her success along the way.