Bates College, Economics, 2024, EST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 

Project Management


Core Skills

Social Media Management, Organization, Data Visualization

Sidney is a student at Bates College planning to major in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. He is a collaborative and ambitious student that loves problem solving. Holding himself to a very high standard, Sidney will always do more than what is asked of him. On Campus, Sidney is involved in both athletics and the arts. He is currently an active member of the Bates Outdoor and Indoor Track and Field teams and has won 2 varsity letters from it. Additionally, Sidney is an active member of the all-gender a cappella group, The Cross-tones. He hopes to hold leadership positions in both of these organizations in the near future. Sidney also writes and produces music, having amassed over 45,000 streams across various platforms between solo and collaborative projects since 2017. Through Apprentice, Sidney hopes to further develop his business and interpersonal skills, as well as learn more about all aspects of entrepreneurship.