University of Pennsylvania- Wharton, Finance and Business Analytics, 2024, EST

Core Skill: 

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Core Skills

T. Rowe Price Stock Pitch Workshop; Head Intern at Middle Grades Partnership; Office Assistant at American Wellness Chiropractor

Samuel is a freshman at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania who plans to double major in finance and business analytics with a minor in computer science. He is a scholar who has received honors and awards from companies such as Goldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price and more.
Outside of academics and professionalism, Samuel is involved with minority community building organizations such as Ron Brown, Questbridge, The Minority Network and Black Wharton Undergraduate Association. Through these organizations and programs, Samuel has developed leadership, communication, and technical skills. His professional career and success is not the only thing that matters, he hopes to be able to better the communities he is a part of and creative opportunities for others.
Long term, Samuel hopes to be able establish generational wealth for his family and change the narrative of those who come from his community. Through Apprentice, Samuel hopes to take a critical step towards his goal by gaining working experience, learning from someone more experienced, and producing results.