University of Waterloo, Management Engineering, 2024, EST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 


Project Management

Core Skills

Project Management, Organization, Sales, Prospecting, Data Visualization

Khoi is currently Process Improvement Lead at A Friendlier Company (a greentech startup), where he develops, and is in charge of: [1] company website that increases user signups by 500%, [2]KPI Dashboard, [3] process optimization tasks like finding cheaper label suppliers, developing system preventing logistic shortages - saving over 10k in costs and 30 hours of work/week. Before that, he worked as Product Development Intern for VESTA, a startup helping sexual assault surviors where he: [1] led group interviews to create user profiles and 30 new prototypes, [2] managed a team of developers / UX designers. His strongest hard skill is Data Analytics/Visualization - he’s proficient with Excel, Google Sheets, Python. He’s furthering this knowledge by taking a Data Science/Machine Learning bootcamp. In short, if you’re looking for a hard-working Data Analyst or Product/Project Manager that could find market needs and lead a team, Khoi Le is your guy.