New York University, Applied Psychology, 2022, EST

Core Skill: 

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Core Skills

Content Creation, Video editing, Project Management, Organization

Kemi attends New York University where she majors in Applied Psychology and minors in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. She recently finished up a diversity and inclusion fellowship with L’Oréal USA, where she learned what it truly means to have spaces where people feel like they belong. Working for various companies over the years and feeling undervalued was one thing that has inspired her to want to start a business of her own— one where “every employee understands just how vital they are to the company’s success”. She plans to set an example for other businesses, “I’m going to show people that you can respect all your employees, give fair pay, make sure everyone understands intersectional diversity, AND have a successful business. I want to change the world and I know I can”. Kemi has organized events for youth around the city of Minneapolis for many years doing everything from contacting local business owners to creating lesson plans from scratch. As a person who understands the necessity of pushing the limits of what one thinks to be possible, Kemi is excited to bring her out of the box thinking, passion for people, and ambition to any team.