Penn State University, Marketing, 2023, EST

Core Skill: 

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Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Video editing, Organization, presentation, leadership, language (Telugu and Spanish)

Penn State University, Smeal College of Business Class of ’23

Keertana is a sophomore at Penn State pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing exploring minors in Spanish and International Business. Her interest in business stems from her curiosity in decision making and the innovation seen in the field today. Her Indian roots have influenced her passion for language and culture. In her free time, Keertana loves to cook, paint, and critique shows on Netflix.

On campus, Keertana is heavily involved in Penn State JaDhoom, Penn State’s premier co-ed Bollywood fusion team. As the finance chair of this nationally ranked team, she works with fellow executive board members on logistics and production. From this experience, she has not only developed strong interpersonal skills but also has become very detail-oriented. As a social media marketing intern for a local entrepreneur, Keertana learned how to market a brand in an ever-growing media vehicle. She researched the best ways to push business development and increase engagement. Keertana is a huge team player and is enthusiastic about being an asset in any shape or form.

In the future, Keertana hopes to continue her growth in the skills gained from school involvement and work experience. She strives to intertwine her passions with her interest in business and entrepreneurial spirit. Keertana is excited to connect with the brilliant minds of the professional world and her fellow apprentices!