Cornell University, Material Science and Engineering, 2022, EST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 

Project Management


Core Skills

Web Design, Organization, Market Research

Gary defines his path with these three quotes:
1) "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."
2) "Life's most important commodity isn't time, but attention."
3) "Success is about how much value you provide to others."

Each experience reflects his reason for taking the first step towards the entrepreneurship landscape. He likes volunteering his time during extended vacations to help out Cornell startups in their various stages, idea conception to startup creation. From his experience last summer cooperating on a startup concept, he expressed his enjoyment in the high paced atmosphere with new experiences in user interviews, idea formulation, and group presentations. During this past year, he has joined an educational startup "IvyOnline Academy" to provide insights into the American market. He provided support in website design, branding, course development, and more. To him, he believes these are the first steps and can't wait to dive deeper.

At school, he focuses his time on a campus event funding board. He maintains communication with funding applicants to provide fair event evaluations, funding decisions, and event marketing support. During his leisure time, he loves to read, listen to audiobooks, and explore the outdoors. The way he relaxes is his dedication to his morning and night routines to maintain his high level of productivity. Beyond his focus on personal growth, he loves to listen to other people's personal story. He desires to define his own story and can't wait to provide value in others first.