Harvard University, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2023, EST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 


Project Management

Core Skills

Project Management, Organization, Research

Gabby is currently pursuing a B. A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a citation in Spanish at Harvard College. On campus, she is involved with Harvard CBE, one of the campus’s consulting organizations, and the external relations committee of the Green Medicine Initiative. Off campus, she works in a couple of labs with two Harvard doctors doing research in the liver to help discover the causes of obesity and research on different lung cancers. Additionally, she is a volunteer for the American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative which aims to raise awareness for lung cancer screening and thus lessen its mortality rate. She wants to pursue entrepreneurship because she hopes to return to her birth-country Jamaica and create a healthcare company to better the experience of patients and doctors. Her personal interests include exercising, hiking, social justice, and mental health.