University of California Berkeley, Business administration, 2024, PST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 

Project Management


Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Video editing, Copywriting, Project Management, Organization, Sales

Francesca is a rising sophomore attending the University of California, Berkeley where she majors in Business Administration with a course concentration in sales and marketing. Francesca's proficiency in Microsoft Suite programs as well as G Suite programs has allowed her to gain experience in project management and research positions at various start-ups. Francesca is also skilled at utilizing graphic design software such as Adobe to create effective marketing content to share on social media platforms. Francesca specializes in sales and marketing as she currently holds a position as a sales development representative on Apprentice's sales team. Francesca is known for being an inquisitive learner who is always looking for new opportunities to help others and expand her positive impact on the world. She accomplishes this goal on campus by organizing sustainability initiatives in her sorority and tutoring her classmates in her own tutoring business that she created. Francesca has had prior work experience in the customer service industry bussing tables at an Italian restaurant and serving as shift-lead at Einstein Bro's Bagels. Her experience in the customer service industry has allowed her to understand the importance of the customer-seller relationship and truly gain insight into the methods of boosting customer loyalty to encourage future sales.