University of Washington, Business Administration and Economics , 2024, PST

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Core Skills

Content Creation, Project Management, Sales, Prospecting, Lead Generation, CRM Management, Financial Modeling, Business Development

Finn is a Freshman at the University of Washington, pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Economics. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, project management, and sales. His life story began with one of wanderlust, having Dutch parents and growing up in different countries like Aruba, Spain, and The Netherlands, where he has learned to speak Dutch and French fluently. Finn is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone as he has been fortunate to experience a variety of different cultures while traveling to all corners of the world which has helped him connect with a diverse network of peers.

Finn is a natural Leader who works equally as well in a team as independently. In high school, he served as a Senior Senator and a Student Council Secretary where developed high level teamwork and communication skills. Most recently, he worked for Mercer Trade Inc, a student run company, where he worked as an outside sales representative. Together with his sales team, Finn worked on generating and creating new sales content, performed market research on international markets, analyzed global economies, and overall learned all about the hands-on management of a small business. Finn is experienced and familiar with Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace software applications. Through Apprentice, Finn hopes to improve on valuable business skills and continue his entrepreneurial learning experiences while simultaneously working hard for the success of his mentor.