Vanderbilt University, Human & Organizational Development, 2023, CST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 


Project Management

Core Skills

Goldin Solutions PR Intern (2017)
Camp Greylock General Counselor (2019)
Jewish Heritage Program Intern (2019-Present)

Eliza is a sophomore from at Vanderbilt majoring in Human Organizational Development and Sociology and minoring in Jewish Studies. She is involved with 'Dore for a day, an organization for touring perspective students on campus, is on the board for Vanderbilt Chabad and is an English tutor for elementary students in Nashville. She enjoys music, crafts and working with children. In high school she founded a club that connects students from her high school with children in the Bronx community struggling with emotional trauma, which allowed her to gain experience working with others and develop leadership skills to help her build her career. She is a dedicated and thoughtful student and is eager to apply her skills and learn through apprentice.