Penn State, Management Information System & Information Sciences and Technology, 2023, EST

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Core Skills

Social Media Management, Project Management, CRM Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Excel

Dilip is a rising junior at Penn State where he is studying Management Information Systems with a minor in IST. His passion for data analytics stems from his curiosity on the enormous amount of data that is easily accessible but not readily used to solve problems in the business world. With this new found passion in business, Dilip has been apart of multiple organizations that focused on business development where he learned skills such as marketing, project management, and content creation. He has also focused more on data analytics by being an intern at the Hillel foundation at Penn State. Dilip is also very passionate about dance and joined a Bollywood Infusion team. There he was not only able to travel the country to perform in multiple competitions but he also gained important interpersonal skills. In the future, Dilip hopes to grow his passion in data analytics to solve complex issues businesses are facing. Dilip hopes to be alongside others who are driven and adamant about their field so he can grow with others.