University of Nevada Las Vegas, Finance, 2023, PST

Core Skill: 

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Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Project Management, Organization, Sales, Data Visualization

DaJuan is a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He majors in Economics and minors in Design. DJ dedicates his time to evil Twin, school, and his relationships. evil Twin is a fashion startup, founded by DaJuan’s best friends Victor Nateras and Ralph Martinez. With evil Twin DJ wants to encourage creative expression through products and services geared toward inclusivity and bridging the socioeconomic gap in America. In school, DaJuan dedicates a lot of time to learning and growth. He served as the Director for UNLV’s Rebel Venture Fund, where he truly embraced business as a tangible life path. Through the Rebel Venture Fund, he was able to connect with his community in Las Vegas and be at the forefront of the modern transition the city is facing.