University of Southern California, Business Administration, 2022, PST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 

Project Management


Core Skills

"USC Marshall School of Business (Jan 2020 - Present) -- Director of First Impressions Lee Chandler Enterprises (Jun - Sept 2020) -- Commercial Finance Acquisitions Consultant USC Trojan Event Services (Dec 2019 - May 2020) -- Production Manager "

Clara is a junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Enterprise Information Systems and Risk Management. She has been the Director of First Impressions at the Marshall School of Business for more than a year now, where she facilitates and hosts review sessions for core business classes including microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and finance. Clara really enjoys being a liaison between the Marshall Academic Resources staff and her peers as well as collaborating with Peer Academic Leaders to help other students achieve high grades.

This past summer, Clara was a Commercial Finance Acquisitions Consultant; she, along with her teammates, helped clients acquire commercial real estate properties. Quantitatively, she has learned how to lead a group of teammates to determine whether a commercial property was worth acquiring and identified valuable and risky property acquisitions using calculations to find cash-on-cash returns and net operating income as well as capitalization rates. Additionally, Clara has gained better leadership and communication skills, as she and her team hosted podcasts and webinars to present the company’s financial advisory services to prospective stakeholders seeking to build their portfolios. Clara hopes to be a part of the advisory division at an established firm after she graduates, since she truly enjoys using her people skills and analyzing data to offer clients tailored recommendations that best suit their needs.

Besides academics, Clara is passionate about music. She used to compete in national flute and piano competitions regularly and has earned many accolades for her musical talent. Through Apprentice, Clara hopes to expand her network, gain firsthand experience in working alongside entrepreneurs, and develop strong business acumen.