Vanderbilt University, Human Organizational Development & Business, 2023, PST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 

Project Management


Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Project Management, Sales, Prospecting, Research

Calvin is a rising junior at Vanderbilt University majoring in Human & Organizational Development, specifically on the Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness Track. Calvin is a member of the prestigious Ingram Scholars Program, which focuses on problem-solving and providing solutions to societal problems through service practices. As part of his program, Calvin is conducting a summer project with the non-profit organization, Springboard Collaborative. His project focuses on curriculum development, where he will be bridging the literacy gap in students by incorporating family engagement in their overall learning enrichment. Calvin will be working as a project manager for the organization and will create and assess their curriculum by assisting families in Philadelphia in a 5-week program. Additionally, he will working with another nonprofit, Neighbor 2 Neighbor, as a Marketing Strategist this coming fall. In terms of his on-campus engagements, Calvin serves as the Director of Internal Outreach for Vanderbilt's Relay for Life, and is also a mentor for first-year black male students. Outside of the classroom, Calvin prioritizes a healthy, balanced lifestyle as he enjoys to travel, play basketball, and cook with his family. Calvin's career interests lie in real estate and technology, and wants to brighten and expand his skills in marketing, sales, and project management through apprentice.