University of Southern California, Business Administration and Art History, 2023, PST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 



Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Project Management, Organization, Lead Generation, Data Visualization, excel

Hi, I’m Brooke, I am a curious, eager business-women who is interested to continually grow and add value to your company. With my positive spirit and tenacious mindset, along with my skills of data analytics and creative problem solving, I hope to pave the way towards success and progress. A firm advocate of this mission, I have taken my passion for experience while creating meaning through my work within and out of the class. I applied these skills last summer as a consultant intern for the B Corp Emzingo U. I enjoyed the cross cultural experience, while creating documents and procedures that would be directly implemented. Even the greatest of concepts can fail without proper organization, and I will be a great contributor in this new paradigm. I believe that business is about building relationships, providing services, and collaboration. I am eager and excited to work towards this service to others.