University of Missouri-Kansas City, Biology and Business Administration, 2024, CST

Core Skill: 

Secondary Skill: 


Project Management

Core Skills

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Web Design, Video editing, Copywriting, Project Management, Organization, CRM Management, Coding

Brenda is a freshman at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she is pursuing a dual degree in Biology (Health & Disease Emphasis) and Business Administration (Entrepreneurship & Marketing Emphasis) with a minor in Chemistry. She works as a freelance Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant, a Research Assistant, her college Student Ambassador, as an Apprentice, and more! Brenda is also starting her own social media marketing agency to begin her entrepreneur journey.

On campus, Brenda dedicates her time serving on the executive board of several organizations. She leads marketing initiatives for many UMKC organizations and for the UMKC Business School. Because of her many club involvements and work experiences, she has developed strong skills in leadership, communication, social media, marketing, project management, and more. She wants to continue building her skills and interest areas by getting involved in new industries through jobs and internship opportunities.

In the future, Brenda aspires to build a non-profit organization focused on providing high school students all over the world with STEAM internship, shadowing, mentoring, and volunteering opportunities. She is currently starting this dream with an organization called UMKC Enactus! She also aspires to get her Masters, then pursue a dual MD-MBA degree so that she can become a physician and start her own clinic. With Apprentice, Brenda aims to work towards her dreams by working closely with entrepreneurs and helping them build their businesses.