Jumpstart Your
Entrepreneurial Journey

Apprentice is a platform that connects entrepreneurs and business leaders with the smartest college students to help them grow their businesses and tackle their toughest tasks.

As an Apprentice you will:

Learn Real-world Skills

Apprentices have access to over 25 hours of content ranging from email marketing to website development to analytics to crafting a presentation and more!

Work With Great Entrepreneurs

Apprentices have the special opportunity to make a substantial impact on growing and evolving businesses!

Get paid!

Apprentices earn a minimum of $15 per hour and have the opportunity to earn more than a thousand dollars per month!

You'll get to focus on one of four areas:

Project Management Icon


Project Management
Business Strategy
Problem Solving

Social Media Management Icon


Social Media

Content Creation
Website Design
Email Marketing
Blog Writing
Video Editing

Business Development

Research & Prospecting
Lead Generation
Email Outreach

Sales Calls
CRM Management
Strategic Planning

Data & Research Icon

Data Analysis 

Financial Models
Budget Creation
Data Science
Data Visualization
Data Cleaning

Join a community of entrepreneurial students from top schools

Who is in the Apprentice family?

Apprentices value top-notch professional education, have a hard working attitude, and take pride in their work


We recruit the best students from the top schools with an average GPA of 3.7.

Our Intensive Recruitment, Application, and Screening Process yields no greater than a 5% acceptance rate.

How are matches Made?

Our proprietary matching algorithm uses:

  1. Career Experiences 

    • what entrepreneurs are looking for and what college students have to offer

  2. Professional Interests

  3. Personality Type

    • We use the enneagram personality test to ensure a strong connection

What if I want to launch my own business?

Launch your business through the Apprentice Pitch Competition!

In January 2021 Apprentice hosted our first annual pitch competition and invested $10k in the winner.

We will be having our next Pitch Competition in July 2021 and hope to see you there!

Application Process

Step 1: Submit the full application

Step 2: First round interview

Step 3: Second round interview with a focus on your specific core focus (Operations, Marketing, Biz Dev & Sales, Data & Analytics)


We accept 10 Apprentices per month

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, priority will be given to those who apply first

The Learning Library

Through our classes and learning resources, Apprentices develop and work on their skills, such as in:
- Marketing Campaigns

- Social Media Creation 

- Paid Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram & Google)
- Email Marketing and Campaigns 

- Blog Writing
- Business Development, Lead Generation, and Sales
- Website Design (WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix)
- Leadership and Communication
- Specific Software Knowledge 

- Time Management Skills
And more!

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Apprentices are accredited in the necessary certificates, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Advertisement, and Hubspot.


The Process

  1. Apply:
    Complete the application as soon as possible so you have a better chance at being accepted!

  2. Be Accepted:
    Being accepted is an accomplishment and the work has just begun!

  3. Training & Certifications: Following orientation you will start training and getting certified in key skills. You will develop a network of fellow Apprentices through weekly Apprentice Group Calls!

  4. Get Matched:
    Based on fit and need, you will be paired to work with an entrepreneur. We expect that there will 1-2 months of training training needed before finding the best fit.

  5. Get Paid:
    After being matched, will you earn $15 an hour at the start. Through growth paths within Apprentice, you have the opportunity to earn $17 an hour

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