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Bella is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Public Policy. She is an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority where she is the social annual chairman and plans all off-site events. Additionally, Bella is part of the Undergraduate Marketing Association where she consults for local NorCal companies and executes their marketing events on campus.


Lastly, Bella is a marketing intern for Cal Athletics where she coordinates fan experience for students at all football, basketball, and baseball games. Bella has an unwavering passion for learning new ways to strategize and market companies as well as discover more about what it means to be an entrepreneur through Apprentice.

Maura is studying Musical Theatre. She serves as the marketing chair for the on-campus event Change the Stage, where she has created social media plans, recruited other board members, and promoted the event within her community. Maura has been involved on campus by student teaching first-year students, serving as an orientation leader, and staying active in her school's student-run organizations. Maura hopes to take what she is learning with her entrepreneur to help build her own career, with the goal of building and running a program to teach music and acting to young students with disabilities. 

Sam is from London, England and is majoring in psychology. Outside of his curricula, he helped found the AEpi chapter at his college, and is heavily involved with the MMA society as a member of the committee. He also runs a clubbing event for students called Triple Cooked which sells-out over 1500 tickets and employs over 100 staff. Sam has worked very closely with Dave and Apprentice and recently founded  Remembering.Live with Dave - which provides live-stream memorial services and tribute websites to families and funeral homes.

Chip is pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, along with a Certificate in Chinese Language (Mandarin). Chip has earned honors as a member of the Dean’s List for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. Outside of his studies, Chip is an active participant in on-campus groups and activities. He serves as the Executive Recruiting Char for the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity, Treasurer of Penn Six, the premier comedy acapella group at Penn, as well as being a member of Peer Advisors, a student-led group that works to help freshman in their transition from high school to college. In addition to clubs, Chip has a work-study with Penn’s Athletic Marketing Department where he works to promote athletic events on campus and improve the fan experience. In joining Apprentice, Chip is excited at the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial skillset and establish a mentorship that will help him grow professionally.

Erika is majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in Business. Erika spends most of her time with her honors fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, and her club volleyball team as an outside hitter. Erika also teaches Spinning / group fitness classes at Cornell’s Fitness Centers. Erika spent the past summer in San Francisco as an intern at an early stage start-up and is now looking for any opportunity to jump into entrepreneurship!

Jaylen is a driven student who is willing to conquer anything in my path towards success. Currently Jaylen is involved in four student organizations on campus  and hold an executive position in these organizations on campus. He is proudly a member we of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc., Event and Volunteer Coordinator of Creatives of Color and the Vice President of External Affairs of the Black Business Undergraduate Society amongst others.  In 5 years Jaylen hopes to use what he has learned from Apprentice to develop his own business become a rising entrepreneur while still staying connected to his Apprentice family!

Alyssa has been active on campus organizing the annual Change the Stage event, leading conversations between theatre professionals and students about equity and diversity in the arts. For her senior thesis, she is researching the future of intimacy direction in theatre and how it applies to her own work as a director and choreographer. She has also worked as a substitute teacher and music instructor. Through Apprentice, she has become a published editor, designed a landing page and led the marketing plan for her entrepreneur's book, Beyond Bedside Manner. She hopes to use her newly gained business skills to continue helping others, as well as one day running her own theatre company. 

Daniel is a Sophomore, majoring in Accounting. At McGill, Daniel is a member of the Varsity Baseball Team. He also writes for Bull & Bear, the McGill student magazine, and
is a consultant for TAMID, a club that offers consulting services to Israeli startups. He hopes to take the knowledge and exposure he gets from his entrepreneur to help build a career in the startup ecosystem.

Total Game-Changer

"I have high-level job opportunities that take some people years to work towards, firsthand training and mentorship from industry professionals and entrepreneurs, and I am valued as a hardworking employee rather than an unpaid intern. I highly recommend Apprentice to anyone looking to jumpstart their career and open the door to new business opportunities."


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