Your Marketing Apprentice Awaits

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur looking for help with a few side projects, or a new business owner hoping to transform your business, we are here to help. 

How Apprentice Works

Apprentice is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with smart and motivated college students that are looking for real-world experience and mentorship. 


Brown University

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Hi, I'm Sara and I'm a Marketing Apprentice

Sara is a sophomore at Brown University.


Sara redesigned the website and branding for her entrepreneur's business. Sara regularly creates social media content and video campaigns that not only increase the brand's reach but also drive revenue for her entrepreneur's business. 

What Can an Apprentice Do For You?

We offer smart, driven, and flexible students from the top universities across the United States who are skilled and trained in various aspects of marketing. We will specifically match you to an Apprentice with the right skill set for whatever you hope to achieve. 

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Social Media

With what seems like a new social media platform coming out every month, it’s hard to keep up, especially when you are busy running your business. Let one of our skilled apprentices take the stress off your back, and manage your social media accounts. As college students, our apprentices are very knowledgeable about all social media platforms, and sure to increase profile engagement and produce stellar social media strategies. If you are looking to expand your outreach and establish stronger connections with your consumer base, hiring one of our apprentices is the first step! 

Content Creation

Whether you need help creating a content plan/calendar or scheduling your posts, an apprentice will help you create content to drive traffic to your business’s profiles and website. Quality content leads to a larger audience which in turn generates more business growth. 


From Wix, to Wordpress, to Squarespace, our apprentices know it all. They go through an intense training process, where they learn the ins and outs of website design. Not to mention, they are youthful and creative with an eye to create a very appealing website. 

Email marketing

Whether you don’t have time to write emails, design campaigns, or simply create a schedule, our apprentices can easily take this task off your hands and create email marketing that entices readers and generates clicks-- one subject line at a time. 

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Blog Writing

Whether you want to create a personal blog, business blog, media blog, or more, we are here to help. Blogs allow you to position yourself as a thought-leader, grow your personal or business brand, extend your reach, and attract future customers. Don’t let the value of having a blog go to waste. 

Video Editing

Maybe you don’t have the skills to edit content, or you simply don’t have the time. Either way, our apprentices have the skills to edit content in a professional manner, at a much lower cost. 


Whether you are in need of a brand new business strategy, or a strategy tune up, our apprentices can help. They are able to research, develop, analyze, and oversee the entire strategy development process. 

And More!

Our marketing apprentices know and live the latest social media and digital marketing trends and are sure to know the best way to grow your business. They are creative and energized, ready to tackle any problem you throw at them with a tailored and unique solution that will help your business stand out.

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