How Apprentice Works

Apprentices work remotely from college on a wide range of tasks and projects to grow your business and make you more efficient and effective.

Your Apprentice will help you with:

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Project Management
Business Strategy
Problem Solving

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Social Media

Content Creation
Website Design
Email Marketing
Blog Writing
Video Editing

Business Development

Research & Prospecting
Lead Generation
Email Outreach

Sales Calls
CRM Management
Strategic Planning

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Data Analysis 

Financial Models
Budget Creation
Data Science
Data Visualization
Data Cleaning

Our Apprentices Attend

Creating The Best Matches

We recruit the best students from the top schools with an average GPA of 3.7.

Our Intensive Recruitment, Application, and Screening Process yields no greater than a 5% acceptance rate.

The Application Process Includes:

Multiple Interviews


Writing Samples

Competitive Analysis


Our proprietary matching algorithm that takes into account:

Career Experience


Professional Interest 


Personality and Psychometric 

Onboarding Apprentices

Apprentices are trained in high-level skills through our curriculum from our Founders, Dave Kerpen and Rob Berk.

All Apprentices go through an intensive orientation, learning basic skills and expectations such as:

Understanding their Enneagram scores

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Email & Professional Communication

The Importance of Responsiveness

Learn Specific Elements of Your Business

Through our classes and learning resources, Apprentices develop and work on their skills, such as in:
- Marketing Campaigns

- Social Media Creation 

- Paid Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram & Google)
- Email Marketing and Campaigns 

- Blog Writing
- Business Development, Lead Generation, and Sales
- Website Design (WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix)
- Leadership and Communication
- Specific Software Knowledge 

- Time Management Skills
And more!

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Apprentices are accredited in the necessary certificates, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Advertisement, and Hubspot.


The Learning Library


Senior Apprentices

Senior Apprentices are our best and most experienced Apprentices.


They provide an additional layer of support by leading and mentoring Apprentices through weekly small group calls and frequent 1-1 calls to work through any challenges and review content from the Apprentice Curriculum.


Senior Apprentices receive detailed training from Dave and Rob on leadership, management, and coaching skills



The Apprentice Pricing Model

Discounts are available in light of COVID-19.
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40 Hours 

With 1 Apprentice

This is a great option if you are looking to offload fewer projects and tasks, with a more specific skillset.


per month*

Most Popular

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60 Hours

With 1 Apprentice

This is our most popular plan, most suited to those looking to offload a variety of projects and tasks.


per month*

*All plans include an additional one-time  Matching and Training Fee. 

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80 Hours

With up to 2 Apprentices

This is best suited to those looking to complete a variety of projects and tasks.


per month*