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Rob Berk

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Apprentice

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Dave Kerpen

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Apprentice

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Rob Berk is a recent graduate of Hamilton college.

In 2017, Rob began working for Dave Kerpen, a serial entrepreneur, NYT- best selling author and global keynote speaker as his Apprentice


While still a freshman at Hamilton, Rob had co-authored a book with Dave which became a NTY best-seller, run independent projects for million dollar+ clients, and had learned more working for Dave than he did in college.

Dave was thrilled with Rob's work as well, and together, they wanted to give other entrepreneurs and college students the same opportunities they had.

In 2019, they co-founded Apprentice with a threefold Mission:


Make it easier for entrepreneurs to find great talent.


Give college students access to the world's best entrepreneurs


Create one million mentorship matches

We have since helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business by pairing them with talented college students like Rob. As a result, they have saved time, increased sales, and tapped into new markets.

Many have even co-founded new companies with their Apprentices!

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“Dave, thank you so very much for securing such an outstanding apprentice. You really found a rock star. I am so impressed with her eagerness, intelligence, and terrific follow up. I put her on my most important project and she is already ahead of schedule and produced results that I would have expected only from a seasoned professional. I am so excited to see what we can accomplish this year. Thank you again.”



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