Bucknell University, Anthropology & Education, 2021

TreyLonte Gaither is a current 7th Semester Scholarship Senior at Bucknell University currently in good standing.

Trey chose anthropology simply because he enjoys studying the way people navigate the world.

Trey pairs his double majors with an economics minor to enhance his concentration of financial world markets. He employs economics as the study of materialistic, financial, social, individual, and cultural maneuvers carried out by humans each day.

Trey is interested in helping individuals understand the behavioral economics behind their financial decisions. Throughout his studies in school, he has concerned himself with the various theories many early economists held regarding early human decision making. He finds that their early theories helped for their time, but vastly undervalues the new behaviors humans have introduced into the economy over the last decade. For example, Trey studied retirement saving statistics and intemporal choice, within neoclassical economics, to gain understanding and create ways to help individuals recognize flawed financial behaviors and fix them. He found that the financial literacy programs given today continue to perpetuate a group based pedagogy that forces individuals to guesstimate how their finances fall within the hierarchical statuses of a bank’s clientele. In short, banks do not offer in his opinion, personalized programs to help individuals pin-point their flawed financial behavior.

Top 3 Skills

Work Experience

Qualitative/Quantitative Research, Capital Market Trading, Accounting & Finance

- Treasury Capital Markets Intern for M&T Bank
- Middle Market: Commercial Banking Intern for M&T Bank
- Bucknell Institute of Public Policy Intern


- Bucknell Bauer Scholarship Recipient
- The Boys' Latin School of Maryland Legacy Award
- Burger King Scholar Award
- Bridges @ The St. Paul's School Scholarship Recipient


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