Harvard University, History, Class of '22

Tolu is a junior at Harvard University studying History with a secondary in African-American studies. She is passionate about streamlining the natural hair journey in the Black hair care industry, and about African economies and their global implications. Tolu co-founded a startup that uses AI to match users to personalized hair product regimens and enables Black businesses to set up a marketplace for their products. She has worked at Discovering Justice as a civic education program intern and as a research partner at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study where she conducted research contextualizing the success of the women's suffrage movement in a modern context. At Harvard she is a member of the Institute of Politics as a citizenship tutor and Chief of Staff to IOP Fellow Jorge L. Vasquez, and the Harvard Organization for Prison Education and Advocacy as a tutor. She was born in Nigeria and raised in Boston.

Top 3 Skills

Work Experience

Python Proficiency, Communication, Problem-Solving

- Radcliffe Research Partner (2020)
- Civic Education Program Intern (2020)
- Director of Native American Youth Enrichment Program (2019)


- Harvard I-Lab 2019
- Priscilla Chan Stride Undergraduate Scholar


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