New York University, Stern, Marketing, Class of 2023

Kamraan in currently majoring in marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business. Aside from that, Kamraan is the treasurer for the club Queer Union. In this role, they have facilitated discussions, created a newsletter, managed accounts, and designed retention strategies to foster a Queer community at NYU.
They have also gained substantial experience from volunteering. Through the Stern International Volunteers program, Kamraan collaborated on market research and ethnography surveys for a Ghanaian village co-op. Similarly, they gained more research and innovative skills from a program dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability at Stern.
Kamraan is passionate about technology's ability to create a more efficient and just society. They're a flexible worker with skills such as writing, customer relations, and financial accounting. Through Apprentice, Kamraan would love to bring their curiosity and innovative spirit to a fresh, new company.

Top 3 Skills

Work Experience

Written/Oral Communication, Sales/Customer Relations, Financial Accounting

Sales Associate at American Eagle (Summer 2019)


1) Treasurer of Queer Union 2020
2) Writing and Performing Stand-Up for Yoni ki Baat 2019
3) Indian Classical/Folk Dancing 2007-2020