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Harvard University, History, Class of '22

My name is Toluwalope Moses and I am a junior at Harvard University studying History with a secondary in African-American studies. In my free time, I love being active whether that means running or hitting the gym, reading, watching Netflix, or scoping out fashion blogs. I was born in Nigeria but have lived in Boston my whole life. I have so many interests and definitely think there's always a way to learn just as much outside of the classroom as you do inside.



University of Southern California, Business Administration, Class of ‘23

I am a passionate and proactive student fascinated by the intersections of marketing, design and entrepreneurship. With a high capacity for leadership, persistence, and attention to detail, I seek to create value in every team and community I engage in. My diverse background, commitment to growth, and dedication to quality will be beneficial in all of my professional endeavors.



University of Southern California, Business Administration, Class of '23

I am a motivated college student seeking opportunities to assist, learn, and grow alongside an entrepreneur. My resourcefulness, innovative thinking, and attention to detail always allow me to put my best foot forward for every task that I am given and never back down from a challenge.


Lily B

UC Berkeley, Business and Political Economy, Class of 2023

I am an ambitious, detail-oriented and hard-working sophomore at UC Berkeley. I've had experience creating and executing successful digital marketing strategies. My interests lie in entrepreneurship and companies that make a positive difference in society. I am always eager to learn and am always interested in creating innovative solutions to challenging problems.



Harvard University, Government, 2023

I am a leader who prides myself on my work ethic, ingenuity, and ability to connect with others. In everything I do I make sure that I am constantly solving problems and making a positive impact. I work to impress and to always make sure that my employer remains confident, inspired and most importantly satisfied.


Halle J

Barnard College, Sociology, Class of '21

I am a hard-working, self-motivated, detail-oriented student looking to apply classroom discussion and skill learned from wilderness expeditions to the professional world. I have extensive experience in organizational and administrative management and project-based work. I’m community oriented and dedicated to helping others.



Barnard at Columbia University, Economics, "21

I am usually described as an energy powerhouse, self starter, and visionary. From my years in consulting and nonprofit work, I have developed an eye for analyzing and strategizing local solutions for big problems. I am a detail oriented and passionate person who seeks to add-value in any project I partake in!



Vanderbilt University, Human & Organizational Development, Class of '23

I am a detail-oriented, self-driven and hardworking student dedicated to helping others in underserved communities and gaining experience in the workforce. I have learned and maintained skills from my prior internships, high school extracurriculars and life experiences which I am confident will serve me in any future job oppertunities and allow me to focus my strengths and succeed.



Cornell University, Applied Economics and Management, "22

I am a student that constantly strives to learn and improve. I love to try new things and grow as an individual. In addition, I can easily adapt and absorb new material given to me. My flexibility and motivation pushes me to present my best efforts and meet all expectations.



Wellesley College, Data Science & East Asian Studies, Class of '23

I'm a motivated and creative student who's interested in finance, entrepreneurship, and consulting. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and skills to building my career.



University of Southern California, Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation, Class of '22

As an interdisciplinary thinker and creator, I am capable of developing innovative solutions that intersect industry lines. I am interested in using my written communication, creativity, and ideation abilities in the future. I am excited to collaborate and learn!



Bucknell University, Anthropology & Education, 2021

I am currently in my final year at Bucknell University and am concentrating on the intersectional relationship between economic application and anthropological theory. Through my studies here at Bucknell, I work to find and work to apply metaphysical analysis to oppressive structures that continue to perpetuate antagonistic dichotomies onto suppressed cultures of people. I plan to use financial models to understand the best and economical solutions to the scarcity of money, capital, and wealth.



Cornell University, Health Care Policy, Class of '23

I am a determined and goal-oriented student with a track record of hard work and motivation. I have learned a lot through my past work experiences and I hope to use those skills as well as many more that I will learn to provide any employer with immense value.



University of California, Berkeley, Business Administration and Political Economy,
Class of '22

I am a goal-oriented and motivated student with interests in marketing, branding, consulting, and entrepreneurship. I plan to continue exploring these interests throughout my college years in both academic and professional settings.



Northeastern University, International Affairs, Class of '21

I am a passionate and highly motivated third-year student at Northeastern University. I am interested in international culture and hope to find a career that combines my passion for travel and desire to work for a social cause.



Cornell University, Economics, Class of '23

I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated student studying at Cornell University looking to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and investing.



University of Wisconsin: Madison, Marketing, Class of '23

I am a highly driven and enthusiastic student with a strong passion for marketing and business. I maintain a busy schedule and remain committed to projects until completing them to my greatest ability.



University of California, Berkeley, Business Administration, Class of 2022

I am a self-driven and ambitious student with interests in business development, marketing, sports business, and entrepreneurship. I achieve success through hard work and determination, and my innovative and inquisitive personality allows me to not only complete any jobs received, but also foreshadow any necessary jobs and tackle them.



NYU Stern School of Business; Management & Operations; Class of '22

I am an enthusiastic and optimistic business student with a love for all things creative. I have thorough experience with leadership, organization, and research analytics, but I am always looking for ways to learn more and continue growing my skillset. Constantly striving to break out of the ordinary, I aim to one day work at the intersection of the technical and the creative in either the fashion or entertainment industry.


Jenna O

University of California, Berkeley, Economics and History, Class of '21

I am a driven, enthusiastic student who is motivated by learning and exploring new opportunities. In my previous experience I have learned the importance of innovative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, all skills that help me be successful in any job I pursue.



Emerson College, Musical Theatre, Class of '21

I am a driven and task oriented student-worker, while retaining soft skills in presentation and social interactions from theatrical training and restaurant work. In addition to an interest in entrepreneurship and business, I am also invested in community and collaboration. All of this in combination with a background in team sports/activities make me a great candidate for any workplace.



Middlebury College, International and Global Studies, '21

I am a versatile, team player who strives for the best in both myself and others. I am a student by nature and love to try new things and master new skills. This quality paired with my competitive spirit and leadership capabilities manifest in producing a curious learner who constantly looks to self-improve and perfect my craft. As an apprentice, I plan to bring these skills and translate them into helping your business thrive.



University of Southern California, Public Policy, Class of "22

I am an ambitious and diligent student-worker dedicated to effecting social change through community service, research, and innovation. My range of experience in leadership and team member roles has contributed to my diverse skill set; making me a great fit for any work environment.



University of California Berkeley, Economics, Class of "22

I am a passionate and intentional student, with interests in investment, entrepreneurship, and design. I strive to be an equity fluent leader and have focused on the intersection of business and inclusion. I appreciate a challenge and am actively taking initiative towards my future & for future generations.


David H

Harvard, Integrative Biology, Class of '23

I am an ambitious and self-motivated student who is passionate about the life sciences and curious to learn more about entrepreneurship. What sets me apart from others is my work ethic, which allows me to reach beyond expectations and level head, which allows me to remain focused in stressful situations.



Dartmouth College, Classical Languages and Math, Class of '23

I am a highly motivated student with a strong work ethic hoping to bring my love of math, reading, and research to help entrepreneurs solve business problems.



University of California, Berkeley: Political Science, Class of "21

I am a motivated and goal-oriented student with interests in business development, marketing, sports management, and entrepreneurship. Through my past work experiences, I have developed a great attention to detail and adaptability to help take on the various tasks and roles that come my way.


Annie P

University of California, Berkeley, Business Administration & Experience Design, Class of "23

I'm a creative and enthusiastic student with strong passions in fields of design, marketing, and innovation. I'm all about experiences: creating for user and customer experience through my skills in design, branding, marketing, and creative strategy. Having lived in the Silicon Valley my entire life, my exposure to the world of innovation has inspired me to start projects throughout the years while working with teams of interdisciplinary backgrounds from around the world. I enjoy fusing my knowledge in design thinking with business strategy to innovate creative solutions and create positive experiences.



Emerson College, Media Arts Production, Class of '22

I am a passionate and creative problem solver looking to combine my interests in video production, marketing, and brand strategy. Having led teams within work, creative, and academic settings, I believe in the power of communication and strategic thinking to solve problems.



Vanderbilt University, Human & Organizational Psychology, Class of '23

I am a focused & efficient student motivated to master both soft skills, such as organization as well as technical skills such as data analysis. My several experiences working with children has allowed me to develop a strong sense of responsibility & leadership that I hope to bring to any future work I pursue.



University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Economics, Class of '22

I am a responsible, proactive, and motivated student with great attention to detail and adaptability to different roles and tasks. I believe my open- mindedness, persistence, and trustworthiness make me the leader that I am.



Brown University, Gender Studies with focus on Enterprise, Class of '22

I am very creative and self-motivated. I am passionate about learning and firmly believe knowledge is power. Combining my interests and passions into everything I do allows me excel in every venture I pursue.



Cornell University, Industrial Labor Relations, Class of '23

I am a driven, passionate, and motivated student with a dedicated work ethic. I am flexible and ready to take on any challenge presented to me, and with unique experiences I have developed a problem solving mindset that can be applied to any job I intend on pursuing.



University of California: Berkeley, Psychology, Class of '23

I am an extremely motivated and driven worker, who always brings enthusiasm and positivity to those around me. I am known to utilize my creativity and innovative thinking to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.



George Washington University, Double Major in Political Science & History, Class of '21

I am someone who will always take a unique angle to any given question, problem, or assignment. My passions ranging from political science and history to cinema, fashion, and cycling always keep me looking for new approaches in all facets of my life. From working as a stylist to a resident advisor, I have always had to use my skills in different ways – and I look forward to doing this with every new task I am approached with.



Brown University, Architecture & Entrepreneurship, Class of '23

I am a passionate and driven student with interests in both architecture and business. Being extremely detail-oriented and creative, I am always looking for the most effective and unique way to get things done. Having played on a team my whole life, I have had lots of experience taking the leadership role as well as working with a group. I'd love to bring some positivity to your team.



Vassar College, Anthropology & Sustainability, Class of '22

I am an ambitious student with a unique approach to leadership and interpersonal connection. I strive to bolster strong and lasting communications with the goal of ensuring equitable and resilient social environments. Every experience is an opportunity for growth, and I am always eager to embark on new projects and initiatives!


James C

University of Southern California, Communication Major, Class of '21

I am adaptable, flexible, organized, and pay close attention to detail. I let my passion and creativity drive my motivation to execute a project from start to finish. Life has blessed me with the ability to see anything from multiple perspectives which helps ground me, keep me well-rounded, and open-minded. I have a wide skill set and am looking forward to learning more, making connections, and truly becoming a master of my craft through Apprentice.


Chris M

Harvard University, Government, Class of "23

I am a hardworking and resourceful student with an eye for analytics and creative solutions. I hope to use my problem solving skills to further explore my interests in user research, consulting, and sports management.



New York University, Stern, Marketing, Class of 2023

I am a hardworking and resourceful student, looking for exposure into any and all aspects of business. I enjoy collaborating with a passionate team and meeting new people. With me, you get a strongly motivated employee who's always ready to learn and improve.



University of California San Diego, Majoring in History and double minoring in Political Science and French Literature, Class of '22

I am a driven student that values hard work and is an excellent team member. In addition, I take initiative in leading with emotional intelligence and connecting with my coworkers. As your Apprentice, I plan to bring positivity and determination to your team.


Hannah V

University of Maryland, Mechanical Engineering, Class of "22

I am a go-getter who enjoys exploring new opportunities and finding innovative solutions to problems. I am very quality-driven and enjoy learning about new technologies and maintaining logistics. I bring my positive attitude and optimism to everything I do.


Matthew S

Amherst College, American Studies and English, "21

I'm a rising senior at Amherst College. I write for my school newspaper, The Amherst Student, and have my own column, Views from the Sparrow's Nest. I'm an avid sports fan that also enjoys politics and loves American History. I love movies and TV shows, particularly BoJack Horseman, The Sopranos and The Shawshank Redemption.


Adam W

Cornell University, Business, Class of "23

I am a natural team player. I bring love and passion to any team I find myself in and a focus on the overarching goals of the team. I enjoy working in teams and celebrating success realized together



Cornell University, Human Development, Class of '22

I am a diligent, motivated student seeking opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. My diverse interests and my passion for learning new skills render me highly adaptable when presented with new tasks. Past experiences in which I developed and executed creative strategies will allow me to drive impact for any employer with whom I work.



Cornell University, Hotel Administration, 2023

I am a highly driven student who plans to be a successful entrepreneur. I'm always trying to learn and grow as much as possible so that I can produce my best work. In addition, I always try to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. I believe that these traits will help me achieve my goals and help organizations with which I'm involved do the same.



Cornell University, Industrial and Labor Relations, Class of '22

Through my various previous experiences ranging from being the president of my 90+ person choir all the way to becoming a project manager of my consulting club, I’ve learned to be extremely adaptable and detailed oriented in any scenario. I am driven by my intellectual curiosity to always find out “why” something is happening, not just “what.”



University of California, Berkeley: Sociology and Psychology, Class of '23

I am a driven, diligent, self-motivated student who is passionate about learning and exploring new opportunities. My willingness learn, overcome challenges, and cooperate in a team will guide me to success in my future endeavours, hopefully with Apprentice.



Harvard University, Social Studies: Economics,Government & Philosophy, Class of '23

I am a passionate, hard-working individual with aims to defy expectations and make an impact. My past experiences have granted me opportunities to expand my outlook on life. I have demonstrated leadership, creativity, and collaboration, all of which I believe are qualities that are crucial to adding value in my future endeavors.



University of California: Berkeley, Data Science and Economics, Class of '22

I am a strongly motivated, resourceful, and diligent worker. I am an effective quantitative and qualitative thinker who loves to problem solve, take on challenges, and accomplish tasks both independently and collaboratively.

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